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Scrap Brokerage of Various Grades of Metal/Krentzman Metals Corporation

Krentzman Metals Corporation – “As good as our word!”

Krentzman Metals Corporation trades scrap among scrap processors and consuming mills and foundries in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. With offices in Central Pennsylvania, we offer a broad footprint and access to a wide market.

Our money and credit are beyond reproach. Even in 2001 when Krentzman was caught in several bankruptcies by major mills, all KMC customers were paid in full and within terms. We pride ourselves on your ability to bank on us.

Products and Grades

KMC Team

  • Heavy Melt
  • Plate and Structural
  • #1 and Factory Bundles
  • Busheling
  • Rail Crops and OTM
  • Various Cast Iron
  • Grades
  • Turnings and Borings
  • Mixed Light Shreddable and Logs for Shredders
  • High Fe Scrap Substitutes / Recovered Products
  • Various nonferrous grades

We are always buyers of:

  • Electric Motors
  • Shredder Pickings
  • Zorba

Bill White, Head of Brokerage, Lewistown, PA
Mid Atlantic Region Trader

(717) 543-4000 ext. 109

Michael Krentzman, Principal, Lewistown, PA
Mid Atlantic Region Trader

(717) 543-4000 ext.110 

Krentzman Metal Company