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Since 1903, Always at Your Service!

Joe Krentzman & Son is a full service scrap company. We provide container service and scrap solutions to industry and the general public and process scrap in our three central-Pennsylvania locations. We also sell various grades of new and secondary steel structural, tubular and plate / sheet products.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Krentzman Metals Corporation, we market scrap processed in our yards, and by other scrap compaies within a wide geographic region, ensuring top pricing and guaranteed payment.

Additionally, Krentzman Supply Company is a wholesale distributor of industrial, mechanical and plumbing / HVAC supplies as well as pipe, valves and fittings for industrial, residential and gas exploration and drilling consumers. If you have an inquiry regarding Krentzman Supply Company, please click here

Statement of Purpose

Joe Krentzman & Son Inc. will provide the best, most transparent service to our customers. We will produce finished scrap of the highest quality for delivery to our customers on a timely basis. If we cannot perform a scrap operation safely, we will not undertake to do it at all. We will at all times be known as professional and honorable operators who are as good as our word.

Krentzman Metals Corporation will provide market and time responsive brokerage and trading services of ferrous and nonferrous grades of scrap. We will market all commonly traded grades of scrap and will seek to constantly adapt to emerging products and markets. We will at all times be known for our professionalism and for the quality and care with which we deliver our service.

Krentzman Metal Company